Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keene Flood Recovery Fund Launched

The Keene Community Trust, in partnership with the Adirondack Community Trust, has launched a Flood Recovery Fund to assist the residents, seasonal residents and business owners of Town of Keene, NY (including the hamlets of Keene, Keene Valley and St. Huberts) recover from the flood damage resulting from Tropical Storm Irene. A special account has been established to receive contributions for distribution for those in need.

“People are hurting,” said Keene Community Trust secretary Phyllis Buchanan. “Many have suffered catastrophic losses, including destruction of their homes and businesses furniture, cars, clothing and other personal item. Local farmers lost their crops and store owners found their inventory covered in mud. This fund will provide immediate assistance to help the people of our community get back on their feet while government agencies work on rebuilding infrastructure. Down the road, we have a firehouse to rebuild and re-equip and a library to repair.

“The floodwaters exceeded all records. Raging brooks and rivers tore through homes and business that don’t have flood insurance. Damaged walls and insulation have to be removed quickly and restored before mold sets in. Winter will soon be upon us—we have to act now. We are establishing this fund so we as a community can help our friends and neighbors rebuild and restore our hamlets.”

A special allocations committee is being established along with simple application forms so that those seeking assistance can do so easily and the funds distributed fairly and quickly. All contributions are tax-deductible. The Adirondack Community Trust will provide administrative and accounting support. Both the Keene and Adirondack Community Trust hope that this effort will provide a model for other communities to consider as a means of addressing their own challenges.

“We understand that there are both emotional and financial needs, and at the same time sweat equity too can be a valuable contribution,” said Buchanan. “We are working closely with our local civic, spiritual, educational and public leaders to take a proactive approach to providing assistance, avoiding duplication and prioritizing our response. Keene is a very special place. It is a community where every person is valued.”

A web site is being established. In the meantime, contributions can be made out to: ACT/ Keene Flood Recovery Fund and mailed to: Adirondack Community Trust, PO Box 288, Lake Placid, NY 12946. For further information contact Melissa Eisinger at 518-523-9904.

Naj Wikoff: 518.576.2063

Melissa Eisinger: 518.523.9904

Thank you

 thank you to everyone who has helped, is helping and will help;
we don't even know what to say, we are overwhelmed with love and support.

we're going to try to open, in some form or another, by this weekend.  
there will be molasses cookies again!

(also thank you to this fence for keeping all of that debris out of our house)

Thursday, August 25, 2011